Redefining what distributed systems mean.

The world’s first peer to peer sync platform helping companies build apps that sync without the internet

All enterprise companies are putting efforts behind mobile digital transformation. But building apps that can sync in airplanes, construction sites, farms is absolutely not like building web apps that have great connectivity all the time. At Ditto, we’re striving to create the worlds fastest and easiest framework to build p2p apps.

Mobile, Web, IoT, and Gaming apps can connect seamlessly over Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, WiFi Access Points, and even Super-peers in the cloud. Ditto’s framework takes care of all the communication, online and offline variability, and conflict resolution with a reactive and flexible document store.

We are here to take on the challenges of data sync so that your team does not have to. We believe in creating products that abstract sync into a practical, beautiful and understandable set of tools and frameworks.

Leadership Team

Adam Fish CoFounder of Ditto

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We’re looking to build the next generation of how data moves from device to device. If you’re looking to push the boundaries of distributed systems, then this is the place for you.

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