Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum iOS version that Ditto can run on?

  • iOS: Ditto can run on devices as low as iOS 12. As of October 28th, 2019 - This constitutes almost 98% of iOS devices as measured by the App Store. See here for more information.
  • Android: We support Android Version 7.1 or higher. If you need a version that is lower please email us at

How does Ditto still enable offline data?

At the heart of Ditto is a database that takes in JSON-like data structures. That means that even if a device with Ditto is completely disconnected from other devices, it will still have the data stored locally. That means even in a completely offline, users will still be able to edit, read, observe, data. When devices reconnect, they will exchange relevant information that was edited when they were offline. You can think of this as a similar behavior to Google Docs or Google Sheets.

Can Ditto sync Android and iOS devices with each other over P2P WiFi?

No. Android Wi-Fi Direct right now is only capable of syncing with other Android devices. Apple devices like iOS and MacOS are capable of syncing over Apple Wireless Direct. These two transports are not compatible with each other. However, other transports like Bluetooth Low Energy and Access Points will be able to sync with each other just fine.

How do Ditto enabled app sync without internet connectivity?

There are 3 ways for Ditto enabled apps to sync without connectivity.

  • WiFi Access Point WiFi Access Point is when devices discover and sync with each other over the same local network. Typically, this means you have a wireless access point where your devices are all connected to. Even if the internet or modem fails, devices will still be able to synchronize. This is completely cross platform

  • WiFi Direct and Apple Wireless Direct iOS and Android devices are able to create peer to peer WiFi connections with each other. However these are not cross platform. Meaning that, iOS devices are only able to connect to other iOS devices via Apple Wireless Direct. Android devices are able to make P2P WiFi Direct connections with each other.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy iOS and Android devices are able connect with each other over a standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. Ditto supports both Bluetooth 4.x and 5.x protocols seamlessly. Bluetooth 5 devices are able to communicate with each other over a higher bandwith (an average of 1.8 Megabits per second). If a Bluetooth 5.x device needs to connect with a Bluetooth 4.x device, the devices will connect over a Bluetooth 4.x protocol.

  • What is the typical bandwidth of Ditto syncing over Bluetooth? If two Bluetooth 4.x devices are syncing with each other: about 2.5 kilobits per second. If two Bluetooth 5.x devices are syncing with each other: about 2.1 megabits per second (that's a lot faster!) If a Bluetooth 4.x device is trying to sync with a Bluetooth 5.x device, then we are still looking at 2.5 kilobits per second.