The Edge Sync Platform

Ditto's Edge Sync Platform is the easiest way to build real-time apps that can communicate with each other regardless of internet connectivity.

One Platform for Cross-Platform

The Edge Sync Platform is unified real-time data sync for mobile, web, IoT, and server apps even without the internet.

Small Peer

The Small Peer comes in the form of an SDK and was designed for resource constrained systems like mobile, web, IoT and desktop environments.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Small peers are capable of creating a wireless mobile mesh network and will use a series communication techniques like Bluetooth Low Energy, P2P Wi-Fi, Local Area Network and more to communicate even without an internet connection.

Offline First

All small peers are equipped with an embedded database. Meaning that even if devices are completely disconnected, they can always read and write data ensuring maximum local data access at all time.

Automatic Conflict Resolution

All writes to the local datastore preserve history so that concurrent changes are capable of automatic conflict resolution.

Ditto on the Cloud

Ditto Big Peer

Ditto Big Peer is our cloud-ready version of our platform and can handle extreme write transactions, massive volumes of data, and can always allow your application to read a causally consistent view of data.


Ditto's Big Peer is our cloud database. While it looks like any other peer, the difference is in the internals. Unlike the small peer, the internals are comprised numerous nodes to handle extreme write and read performance.

Built for Elastic Scalability

Capable of automatic scalability without any downtime. It was designed to handle highly unpredictable load.

Extreme Performance

The Big Peer was designed for extreme write performance without hindering read performance.

Seamless External Integration

Transfer data between your existing systems with our HTTP APIs, webhooks, and even our write log system.

External Integrations

Move data in, out, and between your existing systems

Ditto's Big Peer comes with modern APIs to get data in and out of the sync system so that you can integrate existing systems.

HTTP Webhook Events

Register HTTP API endpoints and receive POST notifications when a document changes. Fine tune your notifications by specifying queries.

Kafka Change Stream (Enterprise)

Enterprise customers can tail and observe all data changes that occur on the Big Peer through a secure Kafka queue.

HTTP Document API

Use our HTTP API to query, find, update, and delete documents using a JSON based HTTP RPC API.

Push Notifications (Coming Soon)

Quickly integrate Apple Push Notification Services (APNS) and Google Notification Services for your mobile and progress web app customers.