Ditto Press Releases

Ditto, Chick-fil-A Innovate Seamless Customer Experience with Cloud-Optional Technology

Tuesday August 1, 2023

Ditto's real-time database operates at the edge and empowers Chick-fil-A to complete its personalized, in-house POS rebuild two years quicker than planned

Alaska Airlines Equips Flight Attendants with New Dynamic Collaboration App Powered by Ditto

Tuesday January 10, 2023

Alaska Airlines is the first U.S. carrier to power its flight attendant enterprise app with Ditto, giving front-line crew members powerful collaboration tools with real-time data and passenger analytics even without internet

Lufthansa Digitizes Pre-Flight Checks with New iPad App Powered by Ditto

Tuesday October 25, 2022

New crew app for iPad demonstrates the power of both the SwiftUI framework to develop native apps and Ditto's Intelligent Edge to enable offline data sync

Ditto Successfully Demonstrates Resilient Information Sharing Without Internet for U.S. Army Project Convergence

Wednesday October 12, 2022

Data sync capabilities, across mesh networks, enable mission-critical operations resilient against interruption and ensure information dominance for military

US Air Force Awards $950M Contract to Ditto for Next-Generation Command and Control Network

Tuesday March 29, 2022

Ditto will incorporate its Intelligent Edge platform to power the US Air Force Advanced Battlefield Management System (ABMS)

Ditto and Super App Hugo Partner for Real-time Ticket Scanning in Latin American Stadiums with No Internet Connectivity

Thursday February 10, 2022

Ditto lets devices sync in real-time, even without internet, enabling businesses and venues in remote or hard-to-connect environments to continue normal operations uninterrupted

Lanzan tecnología que permite escanear boletos sin necesidad de internet

Wednesday February 9, 2022

La alianza entre Ditto y Hugo App permite a negocios que sus dispositivos se sincronicen en tiempo real, incluso sin Internet o en entornos remotos o de mala conexión, para continuar con las operaciones normales sin interrupciones

Japan Airlines Uses Ditto to Successfully Complete In-Flight Meal Ordering without Internet Connections

Thursday December 9, 2021

Opens Door to New Aviation Applications That Enhance Crew and Passenger Experiences

Ditto Secures $9 Million in Seed Funding to Sync Devices Without an Internet Connection

Thursday November 18, 2021

True Ventures and Amity Ventures Invest in Technology, Enabling Use of Mobile Devices Without Disruption or Lost Data