Ditto Secures $9 Million in Seed Funding to Sync Devices Without an Internet Connection

True Ventures and Amity Ventures Invest in Technology, Enabling Use of Mobile Devices Without Disruption or Lost Data

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2021 / Ditto, creators of critical software infrastructure that enables devices to synchronize data in real time even without internet connectivity, today announces $9 million in seed funding from True Ventures and Amity Ventures. This investment will help the rapidly-growing company expand upon its core technology that enables developers to build real-time mobile and IoT applications that work anywhere, with or without an internet connection.

Ditto empowers developers to build better or entirely new types of software applications. Its real-time database allows information to be stored and transmitted across multiple locations from different data centers all the way to edge devices in difficult-to-connect environments. For example, deskless workers can collaborate regardless of internet connectivity via local peer-to-peer connections across mobile devices. This enhances productivity and provides better security, resiliency and reduced latency.

Ditto's groundbreaking technology has attracted leaders across many industries, including aviation, restaurant point-of-sale, defense, emergency work, retail, hospitality and entertainment, where seamless connectivity and real-time data sharing is essential. With a growing customer roster, the company has doubled in size in the past year with plans to continue changing the way companies connect, share and store data.

"Data is growing vast and more distributed than ever, and traditional client-server software architectures can no longer effectively support these changes," said Adam Fish, CEO and co-founder of Ditto. "This is why we built novel data infrastructure that can run across mobile, web, IoT and server systems, and automatically sync data peer-to-peer. Ditto gives developers the capabilities to store and transmit data in real time from anywhere, which is necessary to support the security, resiliency and latency forces transforming software."

"We have tens of thousands of fans entering the gates to watch the World Cup qualifying games," said Alejandro Argumedo, CEO of HugoApp, a delivery app for goods, entertainment and services in Latin America and the Caribbean. "Any disruption to the ticket-scanning process upon entry could be chaos. With Ditto, we are protected. We have real-time, contactless ticket scanning regardless of internet connectivity, and we won't lose the data needed to report on ticket sales and fulfilment."

"Syncing data when internet connectivity is unreliable or unavailable is a growing problem," said Om Malik of True Ventures. "This problem with real-time synchronization inhibits an increasing number of new technologies from working properly. Ditto solves this with an elegant solution."

About Ditto

Ditto is a cross-platform, real-time database that allows apps to sync with and without internet connectivity. By installing Ditto into applications, developers can use APIs to read and write data and automatically sync any changes to other devices. Unlike other solutions, Ditto is designed for peer-to-peer synchronization where it can directly communicate with other devices even without an internet connection. Ditto automatically manages the complexity of using multiple network transports, such as Bluetooth, P2P Wi-Fi, and Local Area Network, to find and connect to other devices and then synchronize any and all changes. With Ditto, your app will continue to operate in offline situations, and data can be shared without latency, resiliency, or security issues. All data changes are stored locally and will sync instantly when cloud or peer devices are discovered.

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