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Core Data Ditto

Your existing Core Data-enabled app, but

now syncing without the internet.

Core Data Ditto is an plugin for existing iOS and MacOS apps to enable real-time sync between devices without an internet connection.

Zero Configuration Multi-Hop Sync

With no configuration, Core Data Ditto will automatically handle multi-hop data sync between enabled devices.

420 feet or 130 meters of point to point sync

Core Data Ditto enables your application to sync long distances of up to 420 feet. With zero-configuration, your app will automatically use Ditto's mesh network system.

Sync even in the background

Have an app that needs to sync in the background? No problem! Core Data Ditto will enable synchronization even if the app is not active.

No pairing required

Core Data Ditto does not require any intrusive pairing dialogs. Connections and reconnections between devices occur seamlessly.

Keep your existing code intact.

Core Data Ditto prevents you from having to rearchitect an existing app that uses Apple Core Data. Simply let Core Data Ditto live on the side, syncing data all in real-time.

Built to handle existing relationships

Keep your entity relationships and types and simply let Core Data Ditto handle all conversions on the background thread, ensuring a user experience that's fluid and fast.

Instant view synchronization

Update your data and watch it instantly sync UI information on both local and remote-connected devices.

Automatic conflict resolution

Core Data Ditto uses a last write wins strategy pick winning states between devices that is resilient to fluctuations in time.

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