UI Toolkit: MaintenanceEnhance Team Efficiency whileReducing Costs

Apps reliant on internet have heavy limitations, Ditto can be the difference for your app. Start syncing today, no internet needed.

Demo showcase only, not a standalone product. UI elements and app codebase available to help expedite app integration.

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Give your teams a boost

Ditto can help your maintenance teams work smarter with a feature-rich UI toolkit.

When powered by Ditto's Edge Sync Platform, your existing app can become capable of real-time data syncing even in areas of limited connectivity.

By leveraging Ditto's unique peer-to-peer functionality, nearby peers can connect in expansive mesh networks that enable real-time sync even without any internet. Built for offline situations, Ditto enables full app functionality at all times. Offline changes are stored locally and synced instantly when cloud or peer devices are re-discovered.

Ready to be integrated into your existing maintenance application.

Home page of Ditto's demo CMMS application

Digitization Saves Money, but Breaks Without Resilient Sync

Reliance on Internet is Dangerous

Teams are unprepared for apps to suddenly stop syncing, greatly hindering team efficiency.

Digitized Processes Don't Work without Internet

Digitization will reduce costs, but becomes useless in situations when devices cannot quickly sync.

Resiliency in Disconnected Environments

Ensure Resilient Digital Collaboration

Collaboration without internet ensures quick and efficient task completion.

Automatic Offline Fallback

Don't have to worry about device connections. Your devices automatically interconnect and sync, even if one device loses power or goes offline.
QR Code to download Pluto maintenance app on iOS

Test the UI Toolkit Demo App on iOS

Scan here to try out the Maintenance UI Toolkit demo app or follow the links below. Demo app only, not a standalone product.

Looking for Android? Tell us more about your needs

Feature-Rich UI

An iOS 13 and higher UI kit that has everything your maintenance team needs to manage and collaborate in real-time.

Sync Even in Areas Without Connectivity

Empower offline collaboration in disconnected environments such as warehouses, hangars, etc.

Read and Write Maintenance Data While Offline

Our real-time database is not reliant on internet. Even when completely offline, your app will continue to operate normally, storing changes locally until cloud or peer devices are re-discovered

Automatic Conflict Resolution

Powered by conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs), all devices are able to make concurrent edits without risk of overwriting.

Collaboration Simplified

  • Work order edits are synced in real-time. Easily keep track of status changes in the activity logs
  • Add title, pertinent details, and classify it by priority level. Work orders are automatically sorted by priority level when synced across maintenance teams.
  • Activity logs automatically record work order, status change, date, and time for easy auditing
Two iPhones syncing Work Orders and Activity Logs

Integrated Location Sharing

  • Simplified location interface with map with pin overlay
  • Enter address, coordinates, use current location, or pick a spot directly on a map
  • Instantly share location data across fleet of maintenance devices

Quickly Share Assets and Files

  • Built-in asset file storage
  • Easily attach multiple images to work orders with labels and description
  • Edit, add, and delete items on the fly
Maintenance worker using Ditto CMMS demo app to add an image of a GE engine
Passenger holding iPhone ordering in-flight meal without internet

Real-time sync at new heights

Ditto for Maintenance

Ditto is already helping teams everywhere sync smarter, and we do it without any reliance on internet. Set up a call to see how.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this a finished product or a demo?
The Maintenance UI Toolkit is just an example of one way to utilize Ditto's intelligent syncing technology, not a standalone product. Contact us to get started with embedding the Ditto platform into your maintenance processes.
Does Ditto require any hardware installation?
Ditto does not require any Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity to function. Your maintenance crew's device can sync seamlessly without any infrastructure.
Will Ditto sync data cross-platform?
Connections made over Bluetooth Low Energy and Local Area Network are completely cross-platform. Only connections made over Apple Wireless Direct for iOS and Wi-Fi Direct for Android are not cross-platform.
What platforms does Ditto support?
Ditto can run on iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 7.0 or higher and modern web browsers. Read the docs for further detail.
Will Ditto still sync in background mode?
Mostly, yes. iOS offers best-effort background sync provided Bluetooth LE is enabled and the Bluetooth central and peripheral background modes are enabled. Android can sync in the background over Wi-Fi. Development is ongoing to permit background sync in more scenarios.
What is the sync distance between the devices?
Devices running on the the Edge Sync Platform can sync up to 130 meters (426 feet) and even further with multi-hop. Learn more about multi-hop sync here.
Does Ditto require manual Bluetooth pairing?
No. Ditto utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy which does not require pairing.
What is the pricing?
The pricing will depend on the number of devices being utilized and the amount of time the devices are spent in offline scenarios. Visit our pricing page for more information.
How long does a Ditto implementation take to deploy?
Ditto can enable connectivity without network hardware or physical infrastructure. This allows companies to deploy our solution extremely fast. Hop on a call with our sales team to get started today