UI Toolkit: Passenger Meal Order

Inflight Meal Ordereven without internet

Easy to use building block user interface kit for cabin crew and passenger apps to make ancillary revenue. Apps built with Ditto will not require any internet connection to sync data.

Demo showcase only, not a standalone product. UI elements and app codebase available to help expedite app integration.

Flight attendant helping passenger order a meal


This passenger meal order demo showcases a set of premade user interface components that can quickly help your airline deploy a world class passenger and crew ordering experience that does not require any internet connectivity.

Get started with only mobile and web technologies. Powered by Ditto's Edge Sync Platform, learn how to leverage peer-to-peer connections to allow apps to sync in real-time.

Included User Interface Modules

Crew Management UI Kit

For iOS or Web devices. The crew app enables cabin crew to manage menu items, orders, passenger information, and aircraft defects. In addition, crew can chat with each other and share notes.
Crew Management is only for iOS and Web

Passenger Ordering UI Kit

For iOS and Android devices. Embed a comprehensive menu and ordering experience into your existing application. Allow passengers to preorder before boarding or even order during the flight while on airplane mode.
Passenger app is available for iOS, Android, and Web

Want to see it in action?See the Walkthroughs

Cabin Crew UI

The cabin crew app is an iOS 13 and higher UI kit that has all the features your flight crews need to manage and collaborate in real-time.

Take Control of the Inflight Menu

Real-time Meal Item Editing

Set menu item name, details, price and more, syncing to passenger and crew devices in real-time

Customizable Options

Add multiple choice or single choice options to items such as "add milk", "sauce on side" etc...

Category Control

Categorize and reorder menu items into sections like "Appetizers", "Main Course", and "Desserts"

Available Platforms: iOS and Web

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Manage Passenger Information

  • Change seats, name, and description during the flight
  • Add notes to each passenger. (example: 'Allergic to peanuts')
  • Coming Soon: graphical seat!
2 iPads showing passenger seat map and names

Amplify Crew Chat

  • Send text messages to other crew members
  • Attach photos, files, videos, and audio messages
  • Receive, mute, or edit chat messages
  • Create and manage chat rooms
  • Invite ground staff for additional communication

Cabin Crew Apps can chat without any wireless access point of in-flight Wi-Fi

Order and Inventory Management

  • Sync accurate inventory between galleys
  • See all active orders and status changes in real-time
  • Edit, add, and delete items on the fly
2 iPads showing passengers' active orders
QR Code to download skyservice crew on iOS

Test Crew to Crew Sync with an iOS Demo App!

Scan here to try the Crew-Side Meal Order UI Toolkit on your own devices or follow the link below. Demo app only, not a standalone product.

Passenger UI

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Available for iOS, Android, and Web

Always Up to Date Menu

  • Updated availability based on real-time stock
  • Set menu item name, details, price, and even options
  • Sync menu items directly from cabin crew devices
  • Create and update images of menu items
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Modernize Inflight Sales

  • Change, edit, and add orders from personal devices promotes additional sales
  • Fully customizable orders, even add special notes such as allergies: "hold milk", "no nuts", etc...
  • View complete history of orders
Passenger checking status of meal order on an iPhone

Mock Image

Man sitting in hotel room pre-ordering a meal before the flight

Encourage Pre-order Before Boarding

  • Send reminders to passengers prior to boarding
  • Passengers can see the menu even before the flight
  • Enable or disable ordering through the crew apps

Leveraging the Ditto cloud makes the pre-order process simple!

QR Code to download skyservice crew on iOS

Try the Passenger Demo. Fully Cross-Platform and Ready to Sync!

Scan here to try the Passenger Meal Order UI Toolkit on your own devices or follow the links below. Demo app only, not a standalone product.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this a finished product or a demo?
The Passenger Meal Order UI Toolkit is just an example of one way to utilize Ditto's intelligent syncing technology, not a standalone product. We are happy to work with your airline to embed the Ditto platform into your new or existing app.
Does Ditto require any hardware installation?
Ditto does not require any in-flight Wi-Fi or connectivity. Your crew's device can talk to the passenger devices seamlessly without any infrastructure.
What platforms does Ditto support?
Ditto can run on iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 7.0 or higher and modern web browsers. Read the docs for further detail.
What is the sync distance between the devices?
Devices running on the Ditto platform can sync up to 130 meters (426 feet) which is well over the distance of the large Airbus A380.
Will Ditto drain battery on long flights?
The SDK is designed to be as power efficient as possible. We strive to keep CPU and network usage to a minimum.
Will Ditto sync data cross-platform?
Connections made over Bluetooth Low Energy and Local Area Network are completely cross-platform. Only connections made over Apple Wireless Direct for iOS and Wi-Fi Direct for Android are not cross-platform.
Can Ditto still sync even while devices are in airplane mode?
SkyService is designed to work even with airplane mode enabled. If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is manually toggled on after selecting Airplane Mode, then Ditto will be able to sync using those modes.
How difficult is a Ditto integration?
SkyService is a set of easy to use, premade UI components that can be used as a standalone app or embedded. As is it fully pre-built, integration is extremely straightforward. We are confident we can get you up and running in a matter of weeks.
Will Ditto still sync in background mode?
Partial support. iOS offers best-effort background sync provided Bluetooth LE is enabled and the Bluetooth central and peripheral background modes are enabled. Android can sync in the background over Wi-Fi. Development is ongoing to permit background sync in more scenarios.
What is the pricing?
The pricing will depend on the number of devices being utilized and the amount of time the devices are spent in offline scenarios. For more information, please schedule a demo through the form above.
Does Ditto require Bluetooth pairing?
No. Ditto utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy which does not require pairing.
Will other Bluetooth devices inside the airplane such as passenger headphones interfere with Ditto's sync?
No, Ditto’s SDK was built with this in mind. Even in a packed and noisy airplane environment, our stability is still able to scale. See our SDK tested in a packed environment here
Can you track the connection status of all devices in real-time?
SkyService is embedded with a Presence Viewer UI that can be launched through the app. The Presence Viewer gives a visual demonstration of how Ditto recognizes and connects to nearby peers. Presence Viewer Basic Demo