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Passenger Meal Order UI Walkthrough

Find the UI Toolkit on the app store under the name SkyService. Contact sales for an initial demo, and we can get you set up

Download and Device Set-Up

Basic Menu Management

Order Management

Advanced Menu Functionality

Crew Collaboration Features

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Video 1

Initial Download and Device Setup

In the first walkthrough, you will learn how to download the Passenger Meal Order UI Kit and set up passenger and crew devices for syncing.

Search "SkyService" on the App Store or Google Play to find the download

Accept all permissions to allow peer-to-peer syncing

Ensure the departure data and flight number are matching before logging in

Video 2

Basic Menu Management

In this walkthrough, you will learn the basic menu management features that your crew has access to, such as:

Easily reorder menu items

Category Control

Real-time menu syncing

Video 3

Passenger and Crew Order Management

In the third walkthrough, you will learn how passengers can create their orders and how crews can manage active orders.

Passengers add items to cart and proceed to checkout

Active Orders are synced to the "Orders" tab of the navigation menu

Crew can create orders on behalf of passengers

Video 4

Advanced Menu Functionality

In the fourth walkthrough, you will learn the more advanced menu customization features that crew have access to:

Crew only meal items

Add options that allow passengers to customize their order

Single selection, multiple selection, and text options for meal items

Video 5

Crew Collaboration Features

In this walkthrough, you will learn about the unique features that allow crew to communicate and collaborate in real-time:

Crew to crew chat

Personal and shared notes

Task management

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