No Additional hardware needed

Passenger Meal Order

Ditto's Intelligent Edge Platform enables iOS and Android devices to talk directly to flight attendant apps without paid internet or hardware.

Female passenger sitting in seat ordering in-flight meal with iPhone
Passenger Orders Meal from Mobile App
With Ditto, the airline app can display menus and order information in real-time
Flight attendant with iPhone receives passenger meal order
Cabin Crew Receives Order and Confirms
Receive passenger, seat, and order information
Flight attendant delivers meal to seated passenger
Cabin Crew Member Delivers Meal to Passenger
Passengers can easily and safely receive their orders
Passenger holding iPhone ordering in-flight meal without internet

Interested in Meal Order?

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Enhance cabin crew collaboration while providing passengers a world-class meal ordering experience that does not require any internet connectivity.

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Passenger pre-ordering meal through Ditto cloud from airport

Order from Anywhere

Pre-Order Through the Ditto Cloud

Connectivity can be intermittent, but when crew devices regain cloud connection, their devices will sync all offline changes to backend systems.

Modern Mobile Experience

Concept Video

In this video, we demonstrate the experience of our passenger meal order solution. Both cabin crew and passenger can sync entirely without in-flight connectivity.

Embed Ditto into your crew application
Embed Ditto into your passenger application
Passenger can sync menu in real-time
Cabin crew receives order

Don't want to use a native app?Ditto can even sync in web browsers

Ditto peers syncing in-flight meal orders across mesh network

Meal Order Across All Devices

The Ditto Platform runs seamlessly on Mobile, Web, IoT, and Cloud

Ditto automatically chooses the best transport to sync data from point to point. In the event a device cannot reach the server, they will fallback to peer-to-peer communication.
Flight attendant safely iPhone syncing meal orders offline with passenger iPhone

Mobile Experience

More Ancillary Revenue while Reducing Cost

No Capital Expenditure

Ditto enables mobile and web apps that do not require any modification to the aircraft. Ditto can be installed and uses all aviation regulatory allowed wireless bands.

Reduce Aircraft Weight

Deliver a fantastic, modern mobile, experience while retiring seat-back screens which add weight, fuel, regulatory, installation, and maintenance costs.

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Passengers can use their mobile apps instead of learning how to use a laggy seat-back screen. Make more money in a modern way.

Deliver Fantastic Experience Instantly

Deploy new features, new user experiences directly to your cabin crew device simply with app updates

Simple Installation

Real-time Sync from Crew to Passenger

Install Ditto into your crew and passenger apps and watch them seamlessly synchronize orders, inventory, requests, and even chat messages

Frequently asked questions

What about planes without in-flight connectivity?
Ditto does not require any in-flight Wi-Fi or connectivity. Your crew's device can talk to the passenger devices seamlessly without any infrastructure.
Does this offer notifications while the app is in the background?
Yes! Ditto is able to wake devices up in the background to let passengers know that their order has changed status.
What is the sync distance between the devices?
Ditto devices can sync up to 130 meters (426 feet) which is well over the distance of the large Airbus A380
Can I sync an existing menu in the form of a PDF or image?
Yes! Ditto can sync files as well. You can sync even a simple menu directly to the passenger!
Is this an app or a technology?
Ditto is purely an embedded technology. Embed Ditto into a mobile, web, or IoT app to achieve real-time sync even without an internet connection.
Are all changes in real-time?
Yes, Ditto is extremely quick and attempts to achieve incorporating changes very quickly.
What platforms does it support?
Ditto can run on iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 7.0 or higher and modern web browsers. Read the docs for further detail.
What are the impacts on the device's battery?
Ditto will have an impact on the battery by about 3-8% more in general over a long 12 hour flight.
My passengers don't all have the mobile apps, can they use the web browser?
Yes, your passengers can use Ditto from their web browsers. For more information please get started through the portal or check out the web browser solution page
Does this technology handle payment?
Not outright. Ditto syncs any form of data, but each enterprise deals with payment in different ways. Get started through the Ditto Portal and our team can discuss ways integrating payment.