Sync passenger meal orders even without a native app

Empower passengers to connect directly to cabin crew devices from their web browser, no mobile app needed.

Man ordering meal on plane using a laptop web browser

Web Browser Solution Overview

Mock concept of how passengers, through their preferred web browser, can connect and place orders directly to cabin crew devices.

Passenger is Served a Landing Page

  • PAX connects to Passenger SSID
  • Wi-Fi vendor responds with landing page

Redirect from Landing Page to iPad

  • Passenger clicks new button for meal order
  • Passenger is now assigned randomly to a cabin crew iPad
Airplane passenger ordering meal during flight on laptop

Ditto Web App Served from iPad

  • Passenger is served the menu landing page
  • Bidirectional synchronization of menu and orders in real-time is now active

Network Topology

Ditto Patent US10931753B1

Cabin Crew iPads sync with each other

Cabin crew devices running the Ditto Platform only sync with each other over the cabin crew SSID

Passengers sync over TCP Bridge

Cabin crew can sync with passengers using Ditto WebSDK, Android, or Apple through the secure bridge ensuring protection of cabin crew and other passengers' information

LAN Isolation Mode

Passenger network isolation mode is ON, meaning information cannot be shared across passenger devices. For cabin crew, isolation mode is OFF.