Internet of Things

Ditto for IoT

The Intelligent Edge Platform makes your IoT smarter. Talk to your team about embedding Ditto into your existing IoT and related apps today.

Sync Crucial Data Even During an Outage

With Ditto, IoT automatically falls back to local, peer-to-peer networks during an internet outage

Offline Data Visibility

Phone, tablet, desktop, IoT, and more all have fully embedded databases capable of editing, reading, and observing data at all times

Decrease Hardware and Data Costs

With Ditto's multi-hop sync, a single IoT sensor can proxy changes from a mesh network of connected IoT. This means that only one sensor needs an expensive LTE-compatible board

Ditto Embeds Directly intoExisting IoT

IoT Concept Video

Internet of Things Devices that Sync without Internet

Embed Ditto into your IoT Sensors

Embed Ditto into your worker devices such as phones, tablets, and computers

Without internet, IoT will automatically fallback to syncing peer-to-peer

Sensors will still sync critical issues and data even during an outage

Factory manager with iPad accesses IoT sensor data during an internet outage

Sensor Data Visibility even during an outage

Ensure managers and employees can always have access to the data they need to make critical decisions
Internet of things devices sync data throughout offline mesh network and Ditto cloud

An Embedded Database in Every Peer

IoT That Always Collects Data

Ditto's Intelligent Edge Platform automatically chooses the best transport to sync data from point to point. In the event a device cannot reach the big peer, small peers can still communicate and exchange data. When connection is restored, Ditto's conflict resolution will ensure all sensor and IoT data is preserved correctly.

Traditional Data Collection can be More Efficient

Extremely Costly Hardware

Retrofitting a LTE-compatible IoT sensor to every factory machine is expensive, especially when you factor in data charges as well

Prone to Data Loss

Internet reliance can lead to crucial data loss during an outage
Multiple factory machines sync sensor data to the cloud using cellular connection

Save Money with Ditto Multi-Hop Sync

Only One Device Needs an Internet Connection

One device can proxy changes from a mesh network to the cloud. If even one small peer is connected to the internet, all data will be synced to the cloud peer.

Reduce Hardware and Data Costs

With Ditto Multi-Hop Sync, machine data can transport (or hop) from machine to machine until it reaches the LTE-compatible one. Then, sensor data can be uploaded all at once.