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Let's be honest; there was something radically different about your first experience with Google Docs when it launched in 2006. It was the first app that the world saw could be much more than a web page. It allowed people to collaborate in real-time but also felt like a desktop app. And best of all, even if the internet was down, you could keep writing, and your work wouldn't be lost. Fast forward 15 years, and now everyone on the planet uses web apps and mobile, server, and IoT apps throughout their lives. But today's apps are incredibly reliant on a stable internet connection, and if the connectivity flickers just a little bit, the apps either break or lose data. Since people are so dependent on devices, this compounds a monumental amount of cost, productivity, and customer experience. Well, it turns out your average development team does not have the budget and time to build an infrastructure akin to Google Docs. This is why we sought to build a platform where developers could build apps for web, mobile, server, and IoT that could behave just like Google Docs by syncing data in real-time and even without an internet connection.

We imagine a world where indie to enterprises developers could build all sorts of applications from games to collaborative tools in record time without ever having to constantly construct the pipes and foundation every time just to deliver incredible experiences to customers.

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