Ditto Quick Overview 2020

Learn more about Ditto, a revolutionary software kit that allows apps to sync even without internet connection.

A Glimpse of Instrumentation at Ditto with iOS and Rust

Here Connor Power, gives you a glimpse of what we do to inspect and improve the performance of SyncKIt

Announcing Ditto C# for dotnetcore

We're so excited to announce our Ditto SDK for C# and dotnet! Sample codes, documentation and more are coming soon!

How we debug Bluetooth LE while Shelter in Place

Bluetooth LE is notoriously hard to debug when building a cross platform SDK like Ditto. Tom is remote controlling my MacBook to debug 3 different devices, telling me what to plug in and click, while my PC's webcam is hoisted on a crane showing the devices

Ditto Inventory Sync with NFC Tags

No internet synchronization using NFC tag scanning. Fantastic use case for shipping, logistics, factories, and more!

Replicated Growable Array

Many thanks to Russell Brown (

Post Covid-19 Aviation Change in the Cabin

At Ditto we are seeing these major trends besides beyond masks over the next 5-10 years in the aircraft cabin.

Ditto Flight Plan 3

Coming Soon Electronic Flight Bag Sync

Here’s a preview of our electronic flight bag sync!

Mix and Match Wireless and Wired Sync

With Ditto, now you can mix and match wired and wireless sync over any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Embedded, Raspberry Pis and more!)

New! Ditto can now sync over USB

We talk a lot about our wireless sync, but now Ditto is capable of syncing with Windows, Linux, Mac devices like Raspberry Pis, Laptops, and PCs over USB. If you need that added comfort of syncing large sets of data over secure wires, this is for you.

Large Distance Sync Between Devices

Everyone is pretty shocked how far Ditto can actually sync between devices (over 130 meters). Why don't you give it a try on your own devices by downloading our sample apps under the products tab at the top of the page!

Ditto - Aviation Defects Log Use Case

Reducing turnaround time for getting defects is key to a successful airline. With Ditto, you can embed our SDK in your electronic defects log and quickly synchronize all in flight data from the cabin to the engineer during the turn or in the hangar.