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Early Preview


Build a proof of concept with our shared plan before moving your app to production.

  • One Ditto app

  • 250,000 documents

  • 500 collections

  • 500 devices

  • 512MB total storage

  • Shared RAM

  • Shared vCPU

  • Community support

  • Limited core features

Production Ready


When you're ready for production, speak to our team about dedicated resources.

  • Unlimited Ditto apps

  • Unlimited documents

  • Unlimited collections

  • Unlimited devices

  • Configurable storage

  • Configurable RAM & vCPU

  • Priority support

  • Custom SLAs

  • Tenant in a shared, dedicated or BYOC cluster

  • Kafka integration

  • All core & premium features

Not sure which plan?

Hop on a call with our sales team. We'll go over all the features in depth with you.